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Iris Print Tunic Dress £99.00

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Irises have inspired artists for centuries. Could be something to do wth the idea of a blue flower in a world of pink and yellow ones. Our elegant print is simply calm and serene with a little bit of wow on the side. 
Printed on a beautiful mid weight linen with our soft wash handle. The sleeves have a deep double cuff and the hem has a double border. A narrow row of sea shell real pearl buttons open from a neat V-neck.  
Looks particularly wonderful with jeans, or as cool as a cucumber worn on its own. 
Loose fit.  
Actual bust measurements of the garment is as follows: 
S 102cms / 40'' 
S/M 108cms / 42.5'' 
M/L 116cms / 45.5'' 
L/XL 126cms / 49.5'' 
XL 132cms / 52'' 
100% Linen  
Length 100cms  
Full length sleeves  
Machine wash